Send all Wine Genius samples to the below address:
Att: Wine Genius
Jones Bay Wharf,
9/26-32 Pirrama Rd,
Sydney NSW 2009

bottles and glasses



We taste everything!
We know that many wineries are tired of sending samples to reviewers who do not taste their wines. At Wine Genius, one of our tasting team will review your wines, however, depending on the number of samples received, we cannot guarantee the time it might take for your wine to be reviewed. One of our expert panel will taste your wine.

We send you your reviews!
Whether our review is glowing, or not so glowing, once a sample is tasted, we will email you your wine’s review. You are free to use this in any manner you wish; provided you credit the review to (and the specific reviewer).

We re-taste!
If you believe that your wine has received a review that does not represent what is in the bottle, you can re-submit the wine to be tasted again. A different panel member will be allocated the wine for review.

Back Vintages
We are not solely interested in current release wines. Obviously the majority of the searches at will be for current release wines, where many are for back vintages (as illustrated by our library of over 26,000 historical notes). Therefore, feel free to send samples of your older wines and we will review them also.

How much to send!
We would suggest that if the wine is under screwcap seal, then just send one bottle. If under cork or diam, send two. If you want to send multiple bottles of any wine we will endeavour to have more than one taster review the wine. Winemaking information and recommended retail price is also very useful information to provide with any samples.

We love information!
Wine Genius is not only about reviews, it is a more complete wine experience. We would encourage all wineries to send label images, logos, and any imagery that will enhance your presence at (JPEG or PNG, less than 300kb). In addition to imagery, we create a description of the wine brand.  This is general information about the vineyard, history, people, signature wines and relevance within the winery; please send us any information that may help Wine Genius create a better description of your wine brand.


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