Wine Genius is an all-inclusive online environment where consumers, wineries, wine tourism professionals, and even industry bodies can interact.

All Australian wineries are being given a complimentary presence within Wine Genius. In the future, all wineries will have the opportunity to be able to pay a small annual fee to upgrade their presence on the site. The degree to which each winery upgrades their microsite, will reflect the amount charged by Wine Genius.

The Wine Genius team of industry contributors, in conjunction with crowd-sourced reviews, are regularly tasting Australian wines; is some cases on, and even before, their time of release. The bespoke Wine Genius software automatically adds each new review to the database of recommendable wines, and also includes it in the winery’s microsite. Each winery can be discovered by exploring the Taste Planner interactive map, or by using the advanced search functionality of

Whatever style of wine each Wine Genius member prefers, our unique recommendation software will create a list of wines that not only perfectly match the member’s preferred wines styles, the genius of our recommender is that it has the ability to recommend wines from different styles, varieties, price points and regions. That is genius.

For every wine that our system recommends, it will select from over 30,000 wines, and that number is increasing. Consequently, over time, members will notice that their recommendations will change as new wines enter the system, and as members add to their particular wine preferences. These preferences are recorded as list. The composition of these lists is what the recommender utilises to craft its recommendations. Lists can include as few as one or as many as twenty-five wines.

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